Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22nd - Ken-Gar South - 8.25 miles - 1:43:14

I was out of town last week joining my husband and crew on part of their epic cross-country motorcycle ride so I wasn't around for the group runs. I did 5 miles last Tuesday with some friends before I left, then the Warrior Dash on Saturday after returning home. If you haven't done a warrior dash, do it! It's amazing, and a little muddy.

With all the travel and few hours of sleep I wasn't very peppy for this morning's run. Not that I ever am, I guess. But I like the long runs so off I went, and got there around 6:40. I used the bathroom and chatted with Coach Don until the rest of my crew arrived. I soon saw the familiar pink shirt across the parking lot and with her was my favorite blue bandanna, Ameenah. She was my rock last year and while we never lost touch I'm glad to see her back after recovering from gallbladder surgery.

Not much to report about this run, I guess. We had a good sized group, one worthy of three coaches. I ran all but maybe the last .75 miles at the front of the pack, not some place I'm used to being. And most of that with Ameenah until she dropped back just a tiny bit (but, man, she is a BEAST and when she wants to do something you can't stop her so she plowed through like a champ). Talked with some friends old and made some new ones, at least one other group member lives pretty close by so I think I found a buddy for my weekday morning runs. That should be a huge help.

We were led during the first half by Don, then by Mike. with Kathy taking the middle or back and keeping everyone in good spirits. These guys are phenomenal pacers, we averaged 12:30 exactly with little variation in our splits. I already knew I loved Coaches Don and Kathy but I really dig Coach Mike too. He's a really awesome "old-timer," I think he's like 74, very supportive and helpful, willing to answer questions and give (and take) advice. The route was nothing new or fancy, but I had a solid run and a fun time.

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