Monday, August 8, 2011

Photos from Riley's Rumble

The elevation map of doom, from my Garmin:

And the course map. There were a lot of out-and-back sections, this was both inspiring and depressing. It was nice to see runners, especially since it was so desolate, but seeing the same runners repeatedly had you questioning just how damn long the course actually was:

We insisted on making sure that we got photos at every opportunity. Last year we realised the slower groups weren't well represented in the end-of-the-year slideshow since the photographers don't often stick around (not that I blame them). So here we are around mile 6 or so:

At the you're-almost-halfway-there-though-it-feels-like-you've-been-running-forever water stop:

Closing in on those ice pops. I told the photographer, "I'm going to smile like this doesn't suck!"

And at the final water stop, taking a break to refuel, rehydrate and mentally regroup before pushing to the finish:

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