Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 12th - Ken Gar South - 10 - 02:06

A decent morning for a run, cooler than the last few weeks but still humid and sticky. Apparently this year's Sunday group is more punctual than usual and I never get the good parking spot I used to get so I have to park in the little neighborhood and I always feel bad about it. Nobody wants their quiet little street lined with cars and people before 7 on a Sunday morning.

Nothing much to report from this run (especially three days later when any significant thoughts I may have had have evaporated). I didn't get much sleep Saturday night but I was up and out of bed at 5:30 in a decent mood and feeling like I'd have a decent run. And we did, though it was a little slow for the first half. We picked it up and ran at least the last two miles faster for a decent average pace.

The runs end at the same park and when we arrive there are either a ton of people hanging around and relaxing from their runs or nobody left because they've already gone home. There was a decent crowd this day and before rounding the corner Coach Mike gathered us all together so that we would show up as a triumphant, cohesive group. That was awesome, we need to start wearing giant foam fingers that say "WE'RE 12:30!"

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