Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15th - MCC Track - 6.93 miles - 01:24

What is this? It's... springy! Nice and cool last night, I think the high yesterday was only about 80. Downright chilly at first, but a much better night for running than last week.

The workout was to be 16 laps, every other one 15 seconds faster than LSD pace. But, frankly, it's really hard to keep track of that! I lose count of laps after the first one but usually someone's on top of it. We ended up running pretty quick anyway and when we got a little tired we just slowed it down. By lap six I wasn't sure I'd finish the first half, let alone the whole thing - I had some pretty awful cramps that made my abdomen and legs feel like bricks. Coach Kathy saved me with some Advil which I think really helped and I didn't have any problems during the last two miles or the cooldown.

We ran the last half of the cooldown much faster than we should have, trying to keep up with Coach Mike. But we couldn't, that guy is FAST. He said his legs were just starting to warm up by the end, but mine were exhausted. I don't usually have that problem and I'm glad I was able to finish strong despite it. I hope this weekend goes better - I have a 5 mile training run Friday morning, a 5k race Saturday and a 12 mile point-to-point Sunday!

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