Friday, June 3, 2011

June 1st - MCC Track - 6.16 miles - 1:13

I spent most of Wednesday hoping the track run would be cancelled. Bo had just gotten home from his month-long around 2AM, I didn't get much sleep and it the temperature was well into the 90s. But, alas, it was not to be. And in the end I was grateful for that.

Probably due to the heat there didn't seem to be too many folks out but we did have a good sized group. All three coaches and I think maybe 4 or 5 runners. The plan was to run 16 laps "Ranger style." Apparently they do this workout every year but we didn't do it last year, I think because it was so hot. We were to line up single file, then the person at the end would run around to the front of the pack. Repeat, for 16 laps.

We started with lap one and thought we would pass out if we did it for 16 laps so we debated just running "Ranger style" every fourth lap or so. But it turns out that once you settle into it it's actually not too bad and it made the laps go by MUCH faster, in my head, than usual. What also helped was that we asked questions that everyone would have to answer on their way to the front. Simple questions that implored runners to name their favorite band, restaurant, dessert, vacation or in our case swear word (we answered those quietly).

It was kind of a tough day to try this style of running because it was so incredibly hot, but I actually didn't feel the heat like I usually do. Maybe it's the magical chia seeds I've been using, maybe it's because we were just having so much fun chatting and getting to know little things about each other. By the time we finished the group had split up and by the cool down lap it was just Mike, Kathy and I. We wandered through the campus together, until Mike took off like a horse galloping back to the stables. Sad that I can't quite keep up with a 74 year old dude, but I finished in good spirits. Probably the best track run I've ever had.

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